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In this update we have decided to do the following things!

- New christmas hub

- Updates log npc, ( Shows all the updates we have posted on the forums even this one )

- Christmas calendar

- We redid kitpvp

- 2 New staff members ( Tubbo_____ & Rawvle )

- Network leveling

- Profile system

- + Color options for Emerald+ ( Gonna be coming soon in the level rewards menu! )

- Removed creative due to bugs & server crashing randomly

- Ranks now transfer to every server super fast.

- Network no longer needs to be restarted for updates to apply.

- Big KBFFA Update

- Patched anticheat bug kicking you out randomly when playing

- Lobb...

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What is new in this update?


- We just released a new gamemode today it's called KBFFA also known as Knockback Free For All basically our version is a lot different from other versions. we currently have these following features for kbffa!


- Weapon Skins

- Character Skins

- Customize your own prestige brackets, prestige color & level color

- Prestiges

- Levels

- Perks ( Coming Soon )


New AntiCheat for KitPvP & KBFFA ( Knockback is different on both servers! )
- Fixed anticheat hit glitch

- Fixed hub issue

- Added gadgets

- patched the issue where people were able to see what server staff members were...

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What is new in this update?


- Added a new hub

- Redone scoreboard

- Removed double jumping from the hub ( Lags you back a ton so thats why we removed it )

- Added in cosmetics

- Added in mystery dust

- Added in mystery vaults

- Redone the hotbar

- Lobby selector

- Ranks are now in all servers 

- Rebranded the scoreboard name to MintCraft ( Tablist is still the same )

- Fixed network issue where we had a 7 hour maintenance today due to the proxy acting up.

- All placeholders for the scoreboard, lobby selector, game menu all updates fairly quickly

- You can now gain mystery boxes in all the servers 

- ...

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Hello everyone today i am here to talk to you about the newest changes to GemHosting & MintCraft! So lets explain why we have 2 domains to begin with and 2 server names to begin with.


We have 2 server ip's because of these reasons below:


1) We have because we now host minecraft servers for a one time payment on our store and we also want to have your server's name in the ip for your server such as this example below: <- You would need to connect to this in a matter of 24 hours to get to your paid server!


2) Because mintcraft & gemhosting is ran by me and xPxl ( Other Owner ) and we want to stick together and ...

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