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In this update we have decided to do the following things!

- New christmas hub

- Updates log npc, ( Shows all the updates we have posted on the forums even this one )

- Christmas calendar

- We redid kitpvp

- 2 New staff members ( Tubbo_____ & Rawvle )

- Network leveling

- Profile system

- + Color options for Emerald+ ( Gonna be coming soon in the level rewards menu! )

- Removed creative due to bugs & server crashing randomly

- Ranks now transfer to every server super fast.

- Network no longer needs to be restarted for updates to apply.

- Big KBFFA Update

- Patched anticheat bug kicking you out randomly when playing

- Lobby Selector down currently for maintenance and will be up in the future.

- Fixed kitpvp randomly crashing

5 months ago


  • Fixed the skin pack error!

  • Fixed skin bug where you die and it doesn't save it!

  • Added another prestige & level color!

  • Added /colorizer to be a command for far distance customization!

  • Added more skin packs

  • Added weapon skins in the shop

  • Added personal multipliers

  • Added a multiplier shop

  • Added a new currency

  • Added a currency converter

  • Added a player vault system to store gems & shards

5 months ago

What is new in this update?


- We just released a new gamemode today it's called KBFFA also known as Knockback Free For All basically our version is a lot different from other versions. we currently have these following features for kbffa!


- Weapon Skins

- Character Skins

- Customize your own prestige brackets, prestige color & level color

- Prestiges

- Levels

- Perks ( Coming Soon )


New AntiCheat for KitPvP & KBFFA ( Knockback is different on both servers! )
- Fixed anticheat hit glitch

- Fixed hub issue

- Added gadgets

- patched the issue where people were able to see what server staff members were in.

- Friends list now shows the prefix of the user's rank

- Play random games to gain mystery boxes

- Added a afk server zone,

- Fixed lag back issues

- Added KBFFA to the game menu and npc areas. 

- Updated friends system

5 months ago

What is new in this update?


- Added a new hub

- Redone scoreboard

- Removed double jumping from the hub ( Lags you back a ton so thats why we removed it )

- Added in cosmetics

- Added in mystery dust

- Added in mystery vaults

- Redone the hotbar

- Lobby selector

- Ranks are now in all servers 

- Rebranded the scoreboard name to MintCraft ( Tablist is still the same )

- Fixed network issue where we had a 7 hour maintenance today due to the proxy acting up.

- All placeholders for the scoreboard, lobby selector, game menu all updates fairly quickly

- You can now gain mystery boxes in all the servers 

- Punishments have been updated so it works through every server instead of one,

- Bug fixed with cosmetics where you were able to glitch it out and get any cosmetic for free

- AntiCheat has been added in every server

- When applying for staff they cant resign from the staff team now. So make your wise choice.

- YouTubers will now recieve the Partner tag instead of the YouTube tag.

- Nicking goes through out all servers

- Exploits, glitches & bugs will now get you banned off our network for 30 days.

- Swearing or being inappropriate & attempting to bypass the filter will result in a 30 Day Mute

- Posting useless threads on certain forums will now get you warned + deleted of content meaning your thread or reply will be deleted

- Certain punishments will now be unappealable such as Cheating on your 3rd offense, 

- You will get perm muted after your 3rd Offense

- Warnings will now mute you after your 2nd warning.

5 months ago

Hello everyone today i am here to talk to you about the newest changes to GemHosting & MintCraft! So lets explain why we have 2 domains to begin with and 2 server names to begin with.


We have 2 server ip's because of these reasons below:


1) We have because we now host minecraft servers for a one time payment on our store and we also want to have your server's name in the ip for your server such as this example below: <- You would need to connect to this in a matter of 24 hours to get to your paid server!


2) Because mintcraft & gemhosting is ran by me and xPxl ( Other Owner ) and we want to stick together and not seperate the domains.


Now that we got that out of the way i would like to talk to you about this new update.


What concludes in this new update? 


- We removed all free servers ( REMOVED! )

- New hub & fixed hub issue with spawning into the void. ( BUG FIXED & NEW! )

Picture Of The New Hub

- Player Servers NPC at hub new gui! ( NEW! )

Picture Of The Player Servers NPC

- Server Links NPC ( NEW! )

Picture Of The Server Links NPC

- Creative NPC ( NEW GAMEMODE! ) 

Creative NPC

What is creative? Creative is essentially a place where you get a plot and build on, we do have some rules for it so please abide all rules in /rules!


We got a brand new store update as well for you all! 


We have taken all of the server side things and put it into a category called "Purchase A Server" everything is deeply organized in it, And we now have ranks for Creative! don't hesitate to go and check out the store!




Thank you for taking the time to read this short update and network update! We will be doing another network update in a couple of hours from now including a friends system & parties system, we will not be making a forum post about this as i already just explained on what is gonna be going down in the next 2-3 hours!

5 months ago